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The Cannon's Mouth

Cannon Poets Quarterly Journal

TCM 66 Cover
December 2017 Issue Number 66 

EDITOR: Greg Cox.

The Cannon's Mouth is the quarterly journal of Cannon Poets. It aims to stimulate interest and encourage the participation of members and the wider community in the writing of poetry and its presentation to the public.

Any views expressed, including the views of the editor, are those of the individual.

All rights remain with the authors.

Correspondence, submissions and subscriptions to:

The Cannon's Mouth
22 Margaret Grove
B17 9JH

Poems, Articles, Art work and Photographs
We welcome original poems, articles and artwork from both members and non members. Please submit by email or by post enclosing a stamped addressed envelope. However you submit your work, please include your full address so that if we publish your material, we can send you a copy.

Email: greg@cannonpoets.org.uk 

Postal Address:

The Cannon's Mouth
22 Margaret Grove
B17 9JH


The deadline for submitting work for inclusion in the Cannon's Mouth is the 15th of the month before publication. The Cannon's Mouth is published in March, June, September and December each year.

Email: greg@cannonpoets.org.uk

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The Cannon's Mouth Index
Download a pdf index of all contributions to The Cannon's Mouth up to September 2015 here
[compiled by Martin Underwood]

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