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Martin Underwood

Martin Underwood was born in Guildford (Surrey) although in some ways thinks back to the Sussex downs as being 'home'. He has lived in Birmingham since 1972 but was in London in the 1960's a decade he remembers little about, but perhaps this is because he was a librarian. He has been writing since his teens and finds strength in contact with other poets. He is particularly aware of the invisible influence of past lives and past events on the movement of the present and in the many parallels which exist. (One example: the first thing Saddam Hussain did when brought to court in Baghdad for the first time was to question its validity and authority. What was the first question King Charles 1st put to Cromwell's judges at his trial in 1649? Guess!)
Creative Writing
Orchard Melody
Shady Nook [Latest Version]