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Cannon Poets
Sonnet or Not
Poetry Prize

Cannon Poets are pleased to announce the return of their popular Sonnet or Not prize. You are invited to write a poem or poems of just fourteen lines in length. You may choose any one of the traditional sonnet forms, or experiment with alternative 14 line forms perhaps using half rhyme, metarhyme or blank verse.

First Prize: £500; Second Prize: £200; Third Prize: £100.  Up to 10 highly recommended poems will receive a £10 prize. All winners also receive one year's subscription to The Cannon's Mouth.

Special Offer
Submit at least one poem with the correct fee to become eligible for  one year subscription to The Cannon’s Mouth [in which winning entries and the judge's report will be published] discounted from the usual £13.00 to £11.00 [UK] or from £20 to £18 [outside UK].

Photograph of Emma Purshouse
Emma Purshouse who will read every valid poem submitted

Entry Form
Please download the entry form here and read the rules before you enter.

How to Enter
There are two ways to enter:

1. Enter by post:
Please download the entry form here and read the rules carefully. Complete the entry form and attach each of your poems on separate A4 sheets. Please only put the title of the poem and the poem itself on the sheets but do not put your name. Post the completed entry form, your poems and a cheque for the full amount due in £ sterling to the address indicated.

2. Enter on lineclick here and follow the instructions.

Cannon Poets 2018
Sonnet or Not 

Congratulations to all winners!

We apologize for the delay in announcing these results due to the illness of our judge Jo Bell, who is now recovered. 

First Prize   £500

Thaw                                                             Ama Bolton

Second Prize  £250

Home Safe                                                     Jonathan Greenhause


Third Prize   £125

Wavering                                                        Beth Flynn


Commended poems (in no particular order)

Hands Upon the Glass                                    Linda Snell

A Test                                                              Guy Russell

Schrödinger’s Mole                                         Robin Gilbert

Of My Little Animal Life                                 Tim Koehn

Collapses in Public                                         Ian McEwen

A Sonnet for Those Things Lost                      Lee Prosser

Premonitions                                                  Laura Jenner

Fragments from the Croc’s Mouth                  Colin Pink

Thoughts for the Day                                     Alan Hawley

Summer Just Gone                                         Olga Dermott- Bond


These winning poems and our judge's summing up and assessment of the competition this year will be published in the March issue of our magazine, The Cannon's Mouth. (Single copies £3.50 , subscription £13 (£20 outside UK).